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s. "We are extremely disappointed in Obama because basically he's playing politics rather than doing what's right for the American people," said Jim Riccio, nuclear policy analyst


n the condition that, if Diaz is found guilty, the year he spent imprisoned in Brazil will be deducted from his sentence. Furthermore, Brazil obtained the pledge that Diaz will not.


in the process, Washington implemented policies to ease the embargo somehow and allow certain financial and commercial transactions with Cuba. Obama said the blockade policy had ".


s Republicans are set to take over in the lower chamber. "House Democrats will keep our focus on the creation of jobs," said Pelosi, vowing to "measure every policy from both part.


various aliases or make false statements last month to the officer overseeing his court-ordered probation in the 2010 case. Youssef, 55, who lived in Cerritos, Calif., had remained.

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impact the U.S. financial stability which in turn will add new risk to the global economy. LOS ANGELES, June 7 (Xinhua) -- Whipped up by strong winds, a wildfire that is raging i.

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n doses of the vaccine to be commercially available by 2017, at 54 U.S. cents each, the lowest price in the world. Only one lab in the world, located in India, produces the vaccine.

t on May 2. (Xinhua/Conservative Party of Canada) OTTAWA, April 6 (Xinhua) -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday he would help immigrants overcome the difficulties of hav.

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